Roof Repair Issues: Expert Advice On How To Go About Them

Roofing repair is a critical part of maintaining a great look on your roof. While accidents, overloading, and weathering can cause various issues to send shingles into disrepair, you might remain unaware of which repairs your roof needs. Can You Repair A Roof Without Replacing It? Is It Better To Repair Or Replace A Roof?…

Roofing repair is a critical part of maintaining a great look on your roof. While accidents, overloading, and weathering can cause various issues to send shingles into disrepair, you might remain unaware of which repairs your roof needs.

Can You Repair A Roof Without Replacing It? Is It Better To Repair Or Replace A Roof?

Is your roof having issues? Are the problems repairable or do they need a complete overhaul in terms of replacement? Many people are usually stuck here not knowing which option to settle for. However, chances are high that you’re contemplating roof repair Birmingham AL since it saves you money.

To determine whether you need to repair or replace a roof, you need to consider some factors. Here are some of them;

  • Age
  •  How long do you intend to live in the house?
  • Intensity of damage


Various roofing materials boast different lifespans. For instance, metal roofs can last for up to 50 years while their asphalt shingles counterparts can serve you for between 15 and 20 years.

Some of the signs that paint a picture of an old roof include;

  • Bald shingles
  •  Moss covering the roof
  •  Blistering, buckling, curled, or missing shingles
  •  Loss of granules
  •  Sagging roof

If the asphalt shingles are less than 10 years old and bring with them some issues, you might have to repair the damaged sections without having to replace the entire roof. Nonetheless, if you’re in doubt regarding your roof’s age, it is prudent to give a professional roofing company a call and they’ll help establish the age. 

Again, if unsure of whether to replace or repair the roof, consult them.

Always remember that some roofing companies aren’t genuine. They might recommend roof replacement as a way of ripping you off. To be on the safe side, consult different companies to get the right advice.

How Long You Intend To Live In The House

Complete roof replacement is a costly venture that consumes both your time and money. This is in addition to the noise and distractions. Therefore, if you’re planning to move to a new location or get a new home, you can avoid all the hassle and settle for repairs instead.

Nevertheless, if you consider re-selling the home, an old roof is a complete turnoff to purchasers. Remember that your roof determines almost 40% of your home’s curb appeal. For this reason, an older roof will lower its curb appeal and thus turn away potential buyers.

Intensity Of Damage

Calamities such as heavy ice, falling trees, or hailstorms can cause grave damage to your roof. The intensity of the damage can help you determine the ideal approach – a replacement or repair.

For example, if a tree happens to fall on the roof and breaks several shingles and damages some part of the gutter system, then you do not need a roof replacement, entirely. Rather, you’ll need to replace broken shingles as well as repair the gutter’s damaged part.

Nonetheless, if the occurrence has damaged countable shingles coupled with the underlayment, roof replacement is the way to go.

Can You Put New Roof Over Old Roof?

When your roof nears the end of its lifespan or you notice any issues, probably it is time to make some big decisions. Many people wonder what roofing options they have and which one is the most effective.

If a few repairs will not suffice for your roof’s condition to get it back in shape, yet it is still functional that it does not need to be torn off completely and replaced, then you should consider reroofing, that is, installing a brand new roof over an existing one.

Of great importance to note is that reroofing isn’t the same as roof replacement. Your roof needs to be in a certain condition to be a feasible candidate for reroofing.

Reroofing vs. Roof Replacement

Reroofing, also known as an overlay, is simply placing a new roof over an existing one. It entails adding a new layer of shingles meaning there’s no tearing off of an old roof. Reroofing is only done once as a roof only has two shingles layers.

Replacement, on the other hand, entails installing a totally new roof. The process includes tearing off an old one and setting up a new one. Roofers often tear everything off, right down to the roof’s deck, and start from scratch with the new roof by placing felt paper right into installing the shingles.

Because roof replacement entails tearing everything off, a roofer can do it on almost every roof, regardless of the number of shingle layers. This one, unlike reroofing, involves more labor and time, meaning it is costlier.

When a roof doesn’t have any underlying issues when old and it is simply losing its functionality, reroofing is the better solution.

Why and When to Place a New Roof Over Existing One

Once a roof begins to fail but it remains in a good condition generally, reroofing might be the best choice. This is the case with a roof that is almost its end life but its sheathing and underlying structures are in good condition generally.

The shingles might be losing granules and worn out because of weather or age but they aren’t causing leaks and aren’t missing or curling. All these are excellent predispositions for installing a brand new layer over the existing one.

When you add a quality shingles layer to your roof, you’re adding a more protective layer to the roof which along with the shingles’ original layer, roof deck, and underlayment function provide combined protection from damages to stop leaks from getting into your home.

In addition to boosting leak protection, adding a layer further helps direct water from the roof and into the downspouts and gutters thus preventing the issue of pooling.

Reroofing can equally be done when you desire a change on your roof. Perhaps you want a different color or design or you might be completely renovating your home so you need the roof to match the new style. Even if the main goal is not redesigning the roof, it’ll nonetheless gain a brand new aesthetic appeal.

When you install a new shingle layer, it gives the roof depth and a 3-D appearance because it is raised slightly due to the present layer of shingles underneath.

Regarding the financial aspect of reroofing, it is unquestionably less costly compared to a complete roof replacement since it is not necessary to tear off an old roofing (of the underlying structures and existing shingles).

Reroofing isn’t a good option for those without asphalt shingles. Installing new roofing over existing one can be done with shingles present since you can only place shingles over shingles. It’s impossible to mix materials or install a new layer over wood tiles or slate.

Signs You Need A Roof Repair

Waiting too long for roof replacement or repair can cause an array of other issues that could be both costly and time-consuming to deal with. Although no homeowner loves to hear their roof needs replacement or repair, watching for signs not only saves you money but also ensures you take care of them within a reasonable time.

Here are some signs you need a roof repair Birmingham AL;

Damaged Shingles

Are the shingles cracked or missing? Do they have curling edges or corners? Do the shingles have missing granules or appear to be dented? If they only have a few issues, replace them affordably as possible. A widespread issue is an indication it is time for a total roof makeover.

Exterior Inspection

Although daily roof inspection of the exterior is unreasonable, doing visual inspection several times annually or when you suspect issues goes miles to catch issues before they turn out to be pressing.

Wes Spots And Algae Growth

Have a look at your roof’s color. Do you notice signs of algae growth, streaks, or dark spots? All these are an indication of moisture and point to roof replacement or repair.

Clogged Gutters

Does your roof have sludge and granules? Do shingle pieces gutter when cleaning them? This is an indication of roof deterioration. Over time, some asphalt roofs break down and when it rains, they get carried into the gutters where they collect.

Sagging Roof Deck

Although the roof might have different pitch degrees, it should appear relatively straight along the lines. Do you notice warped or sagging areas on the roof? This could be a sign of a major problem that you need to address immediately.


Water might be leaking into your home even without your knowledge. Depending on how much insulation is in the ceilings and attic, you wouldn’t notice a leak until it has done grave damage. 

Look along with the crawl spaces and in the attic regularly for signs of moisture like pooling water, mildew, mold, or water staining.

Signs Of Exterior Light

Sunlight is the last thing you should see through the roof. Unfortunately, it could be a sign that the roof is having issues even if it’s on dry days. Have a look at the attic on a bright day with lights out and if you see some sunlight, it is an indication that it needs some work.

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