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Roofing Birmingham AL

Professional Roofing Birmingham AL

If you’re looking for professional roofing Birmingham AL services, you’ve come to the right place! At Under One Roof, we take our responsibility to protect your home and family very seriously. That’s why we use high-quality industrial products in every roof installation and repair.

We also hire talented, experienced, and expert roofing Birmingham AL professionals to ensure the best quality work for your home or business. You can also check our About us page to know more about our company. Investing in your roof is a wise financial and safety decision. Roofs, like foundations, serve an important structural purpose: to protect and support the rest of your home. Even if there is only a minor leak or crack, it can become larger over time.

Work with professionals in the roofing industry to fix minor problems before they become a time-consuming, expensive hassle! Having a beautiful roof also improves your home’s long-term appearance and retail value. We roofing contractors in Birmingham offer a variety of services such as residential roof repair and commercial roofing to take care of all our roofing needs. Our crews have extensive experience in installing, maintaining, and repairing roofs.

We also provide the training and equipment needed for flat roofs, metal roofs, asphalt shingles, and a variety of repairs.Check below to see a more complete list of our specific services in roofing repair Birmingham AL.  

As always, your inspection and estimate are free. We have experience working with a variety of insurance companies and home warranties. We can work with you and your insurance to determine your coverage and any potential out-of-pocket costs upfront so that there are absolutely no surprises on your bill! We pride ourselves on doing the most affordable, highly-quality work in the Birmingham area.

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Professional Roofing Repair Birmingham AL

Here is a general overview of our services for roofing Birmingham AL. If there’s a service you don’t see here, feel free to call and ask us!

Minor Repairs:

These are easy to schedule as they require only a small amount of time to complete. Minor repairs include:

  • Replacing missing or broken shingles; 
  • Uncovering and replacing rotten decking or sheathing to stop leaks;
  • Repairing or replacing cracking flashing;
  • Replacing rubber pipe or vent boots to prevent leaks;
  • Repairing or replacing damaged ridge vents to help with ventilation and prevent leaks;
  • Repairing turbines to help with ventilation

These repairs require a minor amount of time, but as you can see, they can prevent major damage and flood down the line! Call our roofing contractor Birmingham AL today to keep your roofing looking and working its best.

Metal Roofing:

In general, metal roofing tends to be more expensive because it is also the most durable option. They are especially popular options for sheds, playhouses, and other small structures.

If you’re considering a new roof, ask Under One Roof for a consultation on which metal will best suit your needs. We Birmingham roofing contractors offer installation and roof repair on a variety of metal roofing including:

  • aluminum
  • zinc
  • copper
  • stainless steel
Asphalt Shingles:

Finally, we offer asphalt shingle installation and repair. Shingles are our most affordable option for a new roof. We contractors in Birmingham AL can also repair damaged or leaks on existing shingles, decking, or flashing to keep your home protected. 

Contact us today! to see what our roofing contractors who are experts in roof repair, repair services, and roof replacements can do for your home or business. You can also check out Painters in Birmingham AL page to know more about our other roofing services.


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