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Our team members here at Under One Roof take the concept of ‘brick and mortar’ both literally and seriously. In that spirit, we offer an array of masonry services. If you are looking to liven up your home in business by building a new retaining wall, chimney, fireplace, or similar staple into your home, we are excited to help you with your project. We can also help you build the steps leading to the front of your house; take a trip down your own red brick road each and every day! 

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No matter your brick and mortar dreams, Under One Roof is the best choice to make them come true. Consider a retaining wall Birmingham AL to add a quaint but durable touch to your yard. Our crew works quickly but comprehensively, taking all of the necessary steps to prevent soil erosion and allow for proper drainage (to name just two common pitfalls when it comes to retaining wall construction). Let our trained professionals handle the details while we carry out your vision.

Chimneys and fireplaces are also popular with customers interested in our masonry services, which is unsurprising given the legendary ambiance that a nice fireplace can add to a room. Under One Roof takes the guesswork out of this complex but worthwhile construction process so that you can find yourself warming in front of the glow rather than sweating the small stuff. Whether you are adding new chimney construction or interested in chimney repair Birmingham AL, our professionals have the advanced tools and experience needed to create a stunning look.

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Masonry Repair Birmingham AL

In addition to new construction, the Under One Roof team also specializes in masonry repair. Some signs your masonry is due to be fixed up include:

  • Cracked, chipping, or loose bricks
  • Chipping or crumbling mortar
  • Mortar is stained/discolored (this tends to indicate moisture damage)
  • Bricks crooked, warped, or flush against each other due to missing mortar
  • Bricks protruding due to moisture intrusion behind the structure (also known as “frost boil”)
  • Unexplained drafts or cracking/warping of walls near existing brick and mortar structures inside the home

Some of these signs are things you might not expect, or they vary depending on the type of structure. For example, when it comes to the need for chimney repair Birmingham AL, you might be tipped off by the state of the flue, which is the filtration screen inside your fireplace. It is usually made of tiled stone, and if you notice damage to these tiles it is important to schedule a repair to protect yourself and your family from the toxic carbon monoxide buildup that can result from flue malfunction. Don’t worry; Under One Roof is here to help!

In the case of your retaining wall, the signs of needing repair are often more apparent. It is important to remember to check your wall regularly though, since it is exposed to the elements but often less readily prominent than your chimney or fireplace. In addition to what is listed above, a general bowing or a leaning in your retaining wall Birmingham AL might indicate you should give us a call or visit our Contact page.

These are just a few common reasons we get called in to perform masonry repairs. We also offer restoration and are happy to improve your existing masonry for any reason. We look forward to hearing from you if you have questions regarding your unique masonry needs. You can also visit our About page to learn more about our company.

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